Sintesi Contract specialises in bespoke lighting solutions for residential and commercial projects.

It was established in 2014 to be a reliable partner of Architects, Interior Designers and Contractors being our goal to help them realise their vision.

We work collaboratively with high-skilled Italian artisans and craftsmen to design and manufacture contemporary and classic lighting products tailored to our clients’ needs.

For each project a skilfully managed teamwork is gathered together to create elements embodying the synthesis of the requested aesthetic appearance with the best materials and most cutting-edge technologies.

Our portfolio includes hotels, restaurants, boutiques and shops, villas and flats.

Sintesi Contract is an open group in constant evolution where each talent can find his/her own space to exchange experiences and expertise.

Our headquarters office is located in Barcelona while our production departments are in Italy.


Our mission is to use expert Italian craftsmanship and the finest materials to create bespoke lighting solutions for architects, contractors and interior designers.

Naturally we remain flexible and invest time in researching new materials and techniques as well as exploring new technologies to ensure our lighting products meet our clients’ requirements.